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Our Philosophy

At Shore Kids Barbados we aim to develop and foster each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language skills that will provide a positive foundation for future learning and life skills.

We will endeavour to identify and meet the aspirations of parents and how they wish for teachers and the centre environment to meet the holistic and educational needs of their children, this will be achieved by;

• Centre management employing high quality trained / registered teachers who aspire to achieve the aims of the Shore Kids Barbados Philosophy.

• Having sound and reciprocal partnerships between teachers and parents.

• Ensuring there is open and honest communication between, teachers, families and the children.

• Having mutual respect between parents and teachers.

• Having an environment that is age appropriate and challenging.

• Programme that is based on free play which encourages children to make their own choices about where, what and who to play with.

• Promote inclusive practices that acknowledge and include the bicultural and multicultural perspectives of all our families.

The following quote from Te Whaariki (Early Childhood Curriculum – page 9) sums up our goals for the children who attend the centre.

“To become confident, competent learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit. Secure in their sense of belonging and secure in the knowledge that they make a contribution to society”

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